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M. Vodickova1 , H. Pejznochova1 , L. Dubska1 , J. Dvorakova1 , L. Taborsky1

1Dpt. Clin. Biochemistry Hospital Na Homolce

Since 1995 number of POCT analysers on emergency departments in our hospital has gradually increased. Recently there are 130 beds on emergency departments in Hospital Na Homolce. Most of them (75 beds) is supported with POCT analyser services. Ten analysers NOVA SP are located on departments of vascular surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, cardiosurgery and the others emergency departments. Number of measured samples by this analysers had been increased three times from January 2002 till November 2002.
It was reason to connect some of the analysers with HIS and LIS via remote control system. This is the way how laboratory staff can realize diagnostic of errors, maitenace, calibrations and QC all time.
Maintanance of analysers NOVA SP is simple and it is managed by laboratory staff. QC is arranged every day by laboratory staff, control material NOVA SP Control , 3 levels is used. We take part in Czech external quality control (SEKK.
Staff of emergency departments have to be trained for work with these analysers. Head of laboratory is responsible for performing of those training.
Conclusions: NOVA SP measures acid-basic relation, minerals, glukose, lactate, BUN, creatinine and basic parameters of red blood count.
POCT analysers represent a lot of advantages for physicians, mainly in shortering of turn around time. Preanalytical physe errors are reduced. Economical disadvantages are fully covered by clinical advantages, which allow early diagnosis and therapy of patients on emergency departments.


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