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1Medicinsko biokemijski laboratorij Turner-Radetic

D. Turner, M. Radetić, Medical Clinical Laboratory Turner-Radetić - Zagreb
Comparative study of the urine sediment analysis with IQ200 automated analysis and ordinary manual microscopy. Parallel urine sediment analysis of 6,250 patient samples by IQ200 automated urinalysis instrument and manual microscopy. Out of 6,250 patient urine samples 3,115 resulted in normal values with both metods. Analysis of the pathological patient samples was much more accurate and with higher specificity for different elements in urine sediment with the IQ200 automated urinalysis. While with manual microscopy we typically analyze urine sediment in one field of view on the microscope, with the IQ200 automated urinalysis we get quantitative result in μl, so we get exact number of RBCs, WBCs and bacterias that we couldn't identify earlier, and also other urine elements with the accuracy of 97%. We estimated this percentage with the following formula: sensitivity = positive result / total positive result regarding the method. Conclusion: 1. IQ200 automated urinalysis instrument is much more accurate and more specific in comparison with the manual microscopy; 2. There is no need for centrifuge (the urine is best to be left unspun), no decanting and therefore no possibility of infection;3. The instrument itself is far more faster than the manual method and requires only 1:4 of standard trained technologists; 4. On the male patient samples big prism-shaped Ca-oxsalates can sometimes yield false positive results on WBCs; 5. Sometimes fatty cells can yield false positive results on WBCs, RBCs and fungi. In any case, IQ200 automated urinalysis is an instrument that all of us in clinical laboratories, where all other aspects of clinical analysis have long been automated, have long been waiting for, and it absolutely gives new meaning to the urine analysis and far better quality of the results.


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