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J Turay1 , R Pullmann2 , V Meluš3 , D Kompiš4

1DepartmentClinical Biochemistry, Regional hospital Zvolen, Kuzmanyho 28, 96001 Zvolen,Slovakia, 2Institute of Clinical Biochemistry University Hospita, Martin the Slovak Republicl

Activities related to external quality control/assessment ("EQA") have been carried out in Slovak clinical biochemistry since 1964. In early 1990s, these activities disintegrated. Given that there no uniform strategy existed for external control, the Committee of the Slovak Society for Clinical Biochemistry (SSKB) recommended in 1995 five foreign providers of external control as a provisional remedy of this situation.
The first national finding cycle/test comprising 12 to 35 observed parameters took place in 2003 under the co-operation of several professional institutions in medicine. From 178 clinical biochemistry departments only 151 took a part in the test. Only 79 departments (i.e. 52%) performed some of the recommended forms of the EQA. The results showed a different level of the quality in the respective regions.
The test proved that in some regions apply such methods and systems which are not in accordance with the rules of a proper laboratory praxis. The important result of the first test of the EQA were the regional educative seminars with application of the latest methodology and a new technology in order to improve status quo.

Jozef. Turay, MD , Dept Clin. Bioch.Regional hosp. , Kuzmanyho 28 , 960 01 Zvolen ,Slovakia
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