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M Tadijanovic, B Maljkovic, B Miletic, A Relic, M Baricic

1 General Hospital "Dr. Josip Bencevic",Slavonski Brod, Croatia, A. Stampara 42

C-reactive protein(CRP) is the classic acute phase protein present in very low concentration in healthy people.CRP is secreted only by hepatocytes, where its synthesis is regulated by cytokines, of which interleukin (IL-6) is the most important.
An increased serum levels of CRP is an important indicator of acute or classic inflammation and tissue necrosis. Sensitive CRP (sCRP) is of interest in predicting the risk of future cardiovascular disease.
The aim of this study was to invesigate sCRP serum levels in uremic patients under long-term hemodialysis (n=88)and in helth population (n=68) from the area of Slavonski Brod, Croatia.A high prevalence of endemic nephropathy was documented in this area and the patients with this diagnosis usually have to be subjected to hemodialysis.sCRP serum levels were measured on an Olympus Au 640,Americ Incorporated (immunoturbidimetry). In the group of hemodialysis uremic patients sCRP levels were significantly increased compared to control mean values (mean -/+ SD; 5.86+/-6.04; 1.60+/-1.37; p 0,001). Determination of sCRP serum levels might give better sight in predicting the risk of future cardiovascular disease, especially for dialysis patients. A successful treatment of the inflammantory condition may improve long-term survival in these patients.


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