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In the 24th year of life a young woman suffered a portal and mesenteric thrombosis followed by portal hypertension with splenomegaly, esophageal varices and pancytopenia. After splenorenal shunt surgery and splenectomy hematologic parameters resolved rapidly. Also, she was suffering of Proteus syndrome, which is an extremely rare and sporadic hamartomatous disorder characterized by a variety of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors including vascular malformations, several types fo nevi, partial gigantism of the hands and/or feed and cystic visceral affections. It has been demonstrated that concurrence of several prothrombotic risk factors occur relatively often in patients with portal vein thrombosis. An extensive investigation of thrombophilic factors revealed reproduced high anti-beta2-glycoprotein I antibody titers together with mildly increased homocysteine levels. Other coagulation parameters were normal or negativ. The presence of myeloproliferative disorders and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria was ruled out. Together with the history of recurrent superficial thrombophlebitis and portal vein thrombosis in the absence of other underlying diseases allowed for diagnosis of primary antiphospholipid syndrome being aggravated by hyperhomocysteinemia and vascular malformations caused by Proteus syndrome. Because of combined risk factors for further thrombembolisms permanent oral anticoagulant therapy was introduced.


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