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R. Savoca1 , V. Lisec1 , H.R. Schmid2 , A.R. Huber1

1Center for Laboratory Medicine, Kantonspital Aarau, CH-5001 Aarau, 2Laboratory, Kantonspital Baden, CH-5404 Baden

Aim: B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) is a hormone secreted from the ventricle of the heart in response to chronic pressure overload. The determination of BNP is important for the diagnosis and risk assessment of chronic heart failure. Until recently, only a point of care test was obtainable for the detection of BNP. The aim of this study was to perform a technical side by side evaluation of different newly available automated immunoassays for BNP and NT-pro-BNP.
Methods: Imprecision was determined for all tests by measuring controls and frozen plasma pools. BNP and NT-pro-BNP values of 84 consecutive patients were determined using the following assays: Biosite Triage, Bayer Centaur, Abbott Axsym and Roche E170 NT-pro-BNP. Sample stability of BNP at 25 °C was checked in EDTA plasma and EDTA whole-blood for the Centaur and Axsym assays by measuring duplicates of three samples at different time points.
Results: As expected, the imprecision of the automated assays was acceptable (CVtotal < 10%). The BNP patient values showed good correlation (p = 0.84-0.98). The NT-pro-BNP values were significantly higher than all BNP values and BNP values determined with the Centaur test were lower than those measured with the Triage assay while the BNP values determined with Axsym test were slightly higher. BNP was stable in EDTA whole-blood at 25 °C up to 12 h (recovery 98-103%) but less than 6 h in EDTA plasma (recovery 77-85%) using the Centaur assay. We found BNP to be less stable (6h in EDTA whole-blood, recovery 74-95%) when measured with the Axsym test.


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