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1Institute of Clinical Chemistry, Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland

To investigate probable interferences in different cardiac troponin I assays (cTnI) by administering the most common blood substitutes during major surgery and/or in seriously injured persons.
Institute of Clinical Chemistry of an University Hospital.
Material and Methods:
4 human plasma samples from the daily routine around the cut-off level of cTnI were diluted with five different plasma substitutes [Dextran 40 , saline serum (Ringerlactat) , polyhydroxyethyl starch (pHES, Voluven®), modified fluid gelatine (Physiogel®), and pasteurised human albumin 5%] in different concentrations (at 100, 50, 20, 5, and 0%). Interferences with the determination of cTnI was measured with three commercial immunoassays (Ortho Clinical Diagnostics on the EcI TOSOH on the AI 600, and Abbott on the AxSYM).
Statistical analysis was performed with the commercial available program “analyse-it”, distributed by Analyse-it Software Ltd. for Microsoft Excel.
At no consistency any relevant interferences were detected with the applied methods. Neither at the low end dilution nor with highly concentrated mixtures significant changes – especially false positive results – could be verified.
Since clinical implications of cTnI for diagnosis of myocardial infarction is of capital importance it is mandatory that these results are absolutely reliable. In our hands the cTnI immunoassays performed well and proved to be safe and never influenceable by the 5 blood substitutes investigated.


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