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1Dept. of clinical Biochemistry,School of Pharmacy,Isfahan University of medical Sciences,Isfahan,Iran, 2same as above, 3same as above

Serum transferrin is a glycoprotein which is responsible for the transportation of iron in the blood circulation.This protein has two iron binding sites which are able to bind to some other metals including aluminium,gallium.indium etc.Recently there are evedence concernig the interaction between Titanium and iron metabolism in the body.Titanium is a relatively abundant element that given growing application in medical science and recently Ti compounds introduced as aniticancer drug.The major aim of this study was to investigate the binding of Ti to human transferrin.Apotransferrin was prepared and further purified by immunoaffinity chromatography.Addition of Ti as Ti_citrate
to reaction mixture lead to the appearance 0f maximum absorption at 335 and 273 for emmision and excitation using spectrofluoremetry.Using spectrophotometry technique the bindg of Ti to apotransferrin was also confirmed.Ti reduced the iron related parameters in the serum and it may be responsible for the appearance of Anemi.


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