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M Konieczna1 , G Kamiński2 , E Dziuk3

1 Center of Nuclear Medicine ,Military Medical Institute Szaserów 128 00-909Warsaw Poland, 2Clinic of Endocrinology and Isotopic Therapy ,Military Medical Institute Warsaw Poland, 3Center of Nuclear Medicine,Military Medical Institute Warsaw Poland

Aim: The heart failure occurs in aproximately 1 to 2 % of the general population , partly on the ground of thyroid disorders .The problem of great importance is exact evaluation of TSH concentration in blood. Aim of our study was comparison between results obtained with routinely employed in our laboratory AutoDelfia hTSH kit and newly introduced more sensitive AutoDelfia hTSH Ultra kit.
Material and Methods: TSH concentration was measured with AutoDelfia hTSH kit and AutoDelfia hTSH Ultra kit by Wallac(Finland) in 432 patients screened for thyroid disorders. Patients were males age 23-59y.old
Results: Mean ± Standard Deviation of TSH was 1,22 mU/ml ± 0,7 using hTSH kit and 1,50 mU/ml ± 0,91 for hTSH Ultra kit.
The correlation coeficient was 0,98 and regression equation was:y=1,19x+0,042.
TSH concentration in one of the sample in serum which was undetectable with AutoDelfia hTSH kit was measured with AutoDelfia hTSH Ultra kit and its concentration was 0.055mU/ml with CV% =6% in 20 repetitions.
Previously validated reference interval for AutoDelfia hTSH kit was 0,36-3,25 mU/ml and 0,55 – 3,35 mU/ml for AutoDelfia hTSH Ultra kit.
Using previously defined reference range we found that 20 patients in screened group required further testing for hyperthyroidism.
Same 20 patients were qualified for further testing when measured with hTSH Ultra kit and stratified according to newly calculated reference range.
5 of them turned out to be hyperthyroid in TRH test.
12 patients turned out to be hypothyroid (increased TSH level with both methods and in TRH test)
1.HTSH and hTSHU methods by Wallac are very well correlated.
2.Results obtained using hTSH Ultra kit are higher and this method is more sensitive.
3.The two methods require different and specific reference intervals but clinical evaluation of obtained results is the same.


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