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Mustafa Kavutcu1 , Erdal Göçmen2 , İlker Durak3

1Gazi University Medical Faculty, Biochemistry Department, Beşevler-Ankara/Turkey, 2Numune Hospital, General Surgery Clinic, Sıhhiye-Ankara/Turkey, 3Ankara University Medical Faculty Biochemistry Department, Sıhhiye-Ankara/Turkey

Mustafa Kavutcu*, Erdal Göçmen, İlker Durak

Objective: Nitric oxide has recently been investigated for its possible role in the cancer process (1).Investigation of nitric oxide metabolism in cancerous and non cancerous human colon tissues.
Methods: Twenty tissue samples were obtained from 10 patients with colon cancer. Of the 20 samples, 10 were removed from cancerous region and 10 from non cancerous adjacent region. Nitric oxide concentration (µmol/mg protein) and nitric oxide synthase enzyme activity (IU/mg protein) were measured in the tissues (2,3).
Results: Increased nitric oxide synthase activity (0.21±0.11 vs. 0.30±0.08, p < 0.05) and nitric oxide level (0.45±0.23 vs. 1.96±1.70, p < 0.05) were measured in the cancerous colon tissues as compared with those of non cancerous ones.
Summary-Conclusion: Our results suggest that increased nitric oxide synthase activity leads to increase in NO synthesis in cancerous colon tissues. This might be a cellular defence mechanism against cancer processes through induction of apoptotic cell death since NO is accepted to be a powerful apoptosis inducer.
1. Ignarro LJ, Buga GM, Wood KS, Byrns RE, Chaudhuri G: Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 1987; 84: 9265-69.
2. Durak İ, Kavutcu M, Kaçmaz M, Avcı A, Horasanlı E, Dikmen B, Burak Çimen MY, Öztürk HS. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand 2001; 45:119-22
3. Roy B, Guittet O, Beuneu C. Free Radical Biol Med 2004;36: 507-16 FEB 15

*Corresponding Author
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kavutcu
Gazi University Medical Faculty
Biochemistry Department
06500 Beşevler, Ankara-Turkey
Fax: +903122124647
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