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PH Petra Hruba 1 , PZ Pavel Zivny 1 , HZ Helena Zivna 1 , VP Vladimir Palicka 1

1Dept. Of Clinical Biochemistry and Diagnostic, University Hospital, Hradec Kralove, Czech Rep.

Introduction: We tried to find out blood-flow changes in selected rat tissues before and after partial hepatectomy (PH) or nephrectomy (PN) and after tetrachlormethane exposure (TE). We used microdialysis with flow-marker added. The lower output concentration of flow-marker in microdialysis solution, the higher the tissue blood flow is. We tried lithium and gentamicin as new flow-markers.
Material and methods: Wistar rats were divided into 4 groups. MD probe CMA 20 (CMA Microdialysis, Solna, Sweden, cut off 20 kDa, the length of dialysis membrane 4 mm) was inserted into a skeletal muscle on medial side of the quad and into intact liver (group 1) or into intact kidney (group 3). MD probe was inserted into skeletal muscle and liver remnant after 67% PH or TE (group 2), or into a skeletal muscle and kidney remnant after 5/6 PN or after TE (group 4). The concentration of flow-markers was then measured. All procedures were done under general pentobarbital anesthesia. SigmaStat software (Jandel Scientific Corporation) was used for statistical data evaluation.
Results: Concentrations of lithium in microdialysate before and after PH and PN were similar or same in all tissues. After TE lithium concentrations were lower in microdialysate from liver. Other concentrations before and after TE were same. The gentamicin concentration in microdialysate was higher than its concentration in original perfusion fluid.
Conclusions: Gentamicin is not suitable flow-marker. Lithium is appropriate flow-marker. PH and PN has no statistical significant influence on blood-flow of selected tissues. TE increased only liver blood-flow. This increase was statistically significant.


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