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V.D. Dragutinovic1 , N.S. Radovanovic2 , M.M. Vrvic3

1Institute of Chemistry, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Višegradska 26, 11001 Belgrade, Department of Chemistry, IChTM, Njegoševa 12, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, 2Institute of Digestive Diseases, Center of Esophagogastric Surgery, Clinical Center of Seria, Koste Todorovica 6, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, 3Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Studentski trg 16, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

The migration and invasion characteristics of malignant cells requires them to be able to cross extracellular barrieres. In the primary organ these predominantly consist of basement membranes and connective tissue, collectively called the extracellular matrix. The extracellular matrix is made up of a dense network of different components including laminin, fibronectin and other glycoproteins, collagens and proteoglycans. To invade and metastasise, tumours possess a lytic machinery made up of different proteolytic enzymes, the proteases. The main classes of proteases contributing to the lytic processes around tomours are cathepsins, plasminogen activators and matrix metalloproteases.
Proteolytic activity in the serum of patients with gastric cancer and control group was compared. Activity was determined spectrophotometrically (410 nm) by the rate of hydrolysis of BAPNA (Nα-benzoyl-α-arginine p-nitroanilide hydrohloride) in presence metalloprotease’s inhibitors (EDTA and o-phenantroline). In investigation 34 patients were observed, 23 with gastric cancer and 11 as the control group.
Results showed increase expression of enzyme activity on BAPNA supstrate for diseases persons than the control group. EDTA and o-phenantroline inhibited proteolytic activity. According to the inhibition tests with EDTA and o-phenantroline it could be concluded that proteases are metalloproteases and also that the inhibition is additional biochemical parameter in serum for correlation of proteolytic activity and gastric cancer.


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