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C J Coric, J R Jadric

1Institute for Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Centre of Sarajevo University, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2Depart. for Medical Biochemistry, Medical Faculty, Univ. of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Low sensitivity and specificity in traditional laboratory tests became insufficient for correct diagnostics and initiation of proper treatment of patients infected with bacterial meningitis. C – reactive protein (CRP) may be a useful supplement for rapid diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. We investigated effectiveness of the determination C-reactive protein in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) during acute bacterial meningitis. CRP was analysed by a sensitive immunoturbidimetric assay using the Dimension RxL analyser (DADE Behring). Cerebrospinal fluid concentrations of C-reactive protein and white differential (WCC) have been measured in 20 patients (age range, 1 to 50 years) presenting with acute bacterial meningitis and also in a non-infected, non-inflamed control group (n=25). CRP levels were raised in cases of bacterial meningitis. Elevated levels of CRP were found in 94% patients with bacterial meningitis. The mean CRP value in 25 noninfected control group was 0,25 mg/L (range 0,10 – 0,55). The mean CRP for patients with bacterial meningitis was 21,4 mg/L (range 10,2 – 100). Smaller but variable elevations were seen in the patients with acute viral meningitis. A sensitive assay for CRP in CSF would be a useful adjunct to conventional investigation acute infective meningitis.


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