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I. Dujmov, K. Cepic, D. Supe-Domic, B. Mladina, N. Ivanovic-Ivelja

1Department of Clinical Diagnostics,University Hospital Split,Split,Croatia

Modern analytical methods in laboratory include highly reliable clinical chemistry systems. For each new clinical analyzer in laboratory we performed the evaluation study.
In this study we compared the Abbott Architect c8000 and Roche Hitachi 917 instruments for 25 different analytes: 10 supstrates, 8 enzymes and 7 electrolytes (1).
The Abbott Architect c8000 and Roche Hitachi 917 systems are fully automated, random access, clinical chemistry workcells for the rapid quantitive analysis of tests commonly performed in clinical chemistry section of the laboratory.
Analytes examined included 25 different analytes: glucose, urea, creatinine, uric acid, bilirubin total, bilirubin direct, total protein, albumine, cholesterol, triglyceride, Na, K, Cl, calcium, inorganic phosphorus, magnesium, iron, LDH, AST, ALT, GGT, CK, CKMB, alcaline phosphatase, alfa- amylase.

Coefficients of correlation values obtained by linear regression analysis (2) were ranged from 0.8745 (slightly different values of only sodium ion concentrations) to 0.9995.
Regression metod showed comparable results between the Abbott Architect c8000 system and the Roche Hitachi 917 analyzer. Based on these results, the Abbott Architect c8000 analyzer demonstrates excellent analytical performance characteristics and good concordance with the Roche Hitachi 917 analyzer.

1.Europian Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards.
Guidelines for Evaluation of Analyzers. Clinical Chemistry. Beuth Verlag Berlin, Koln ECCLS; 1986; 1-32
2.B.Petz. Osnovne statisticke metode za nematematicare. Slap Jastrebarsko 1997


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