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1Laboratoire MGD Genève, 2Lysoft SA Plan-Les-Ouates, 3Laboratoire MGD Genève

Accreditation involves keeping track of many things, and computers are good at this task. We prepared our laboratory for accreditation by extending our existing data system encompassing analyses, instruments, suppliers, reagents, personnel and doctors (4D relational data base, described elsewhere).

The main extension is a powerful documentation module. The Quality Manual and all associated documents such as directives, procedures and instructions are set up, administered and maintained by this module. Links to any record of the data system can be established. All documents can be consulted by intranet, with convenient search facilities, so reducing paper documentation to a minimum. New versions or new documents are distributed to the appropriate users by e-mail, their opening is acknowledged by the system.

We have also developed the means to register the following accreditation-linked activities:
non-conformities or critical incidents – recording of their nature, the corrective and preventive action taken and the risk assessment made.
Continued education and training of personnel, coupled to the appropriate permission for technical validation of individual results or those produced by an instrument.
Internal audits – recording of the weak points, suggestion of corrective and preventive actions, followed by the appropriate controls.

Management reviews are assisted by synoptic presentation of these activities, which can be sorted by various criteria (sector of activity, date, analyses, instrument…). Colour flags indicate the stage of fulfilment of the sequential entries required for each register. The 4D base comprises powerful report generating macros that create the documents required by the SAS for it’s yearly inspection.

This computer assistance was successful in helping us to obtain our accreditation and has proved a flexible and well-accepted tool in maintaining it since.


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