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Abstracts SGM 2016

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1Genomic Research Laboratory, Service of Infectious Diseases, Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland, 2Département de Microbiologie, Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire, and UMR 1282, Infectiologie Santé Publique, Université François-Rabelais, Tours, France

The first bloodstream infection (BSI) due to Staphylococcus aureus sequence type 398 (ST398-BSI) was identified in 2007 during a survey of BSIs conducted since 2000 in France. The incidence of ST398-BSI increased 10-fold during the period 2007-2015, when 1520 S. aureus-BSIs were reported. Patients with ST398-BSI were younger than those suffering from non ST398-BSI. ST398-BSI isolates were mostly methicillin-susceptible (98.7%), erythromycin-resistant (84.2%), and of t571or t1451 spa-types (81.1%). Whole genome sequencing of 18 representative isolates identified: (1) 30 prophages carrying genes involved in S. aureus pathogenesis including virulence, resistance to foreign DNA uptake, cell division, biofilm formation and bacterial persistence; (2) most BSI isolates sharing a core genome and a variable accessory gene pool (from a sole φ3-prophage to multiple MGEs); (3) BSI isolates harboring animal-associated MGEs (SCCmec XI remnants and prophages); and (4) animal-infecting isolates harboring a φ3-prophage variant, a human niche signature. These results provide evidence of on-going and possibly multidirectional gene transfer within the ST398 lineage. Multiple, recent and independent acquisitions of genetic features by horizontal gene transfer appear responsible for the selection of isolates showing increased ability to cause infection in humans and/or to spread into environments dominated by humans.


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