SULM – Schweizerische Union für Labormedizin | Union Suisse de Médecine de Laboratoire | Swiss Union of Laboratory Medicine

Summaries Swiss MedLab 2008

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Aganovic Izet
19PW21 Pathophisiology of Metabolic Syndrome

Baechli Urs
Water in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Analysis

Balerna Marco
19PW33 Laboratory Medicine: is there a place for scientists?

Ballmer-Weber Barbara
18PW21 Recombinant Allergens Modify the Food Allergy Concept

Bille Jacques
18PL3 New Methods for the Detection of Bacteremia

Binz Thomas
17PW34 Regulatory Framework of Human Genetic Testing

Bodmer Thomas
18PW11 Detecting Group B Streptococci Colonization in Pregnancy – Culture, Short Turn-around-Time or Point-of-Care Testing?

Boulat Olivier
18PW43 "Near Patient Testing" en Suisse; le point de vue de l’enseignant AFCLP (Attestation de Formation Complémentaire du Laboratoire du Praticien)

Cherpillod Pascal
19PW14 Management of suspect viral hemorrhagic fever patient in Geneva

Christ-Crain Mirjam
17PW12 New aspects of endocrine stress assessment

Dayer Eric
17PW63 Present situation of quality assessment for Allergy in Switzerland

Ducros Véronique
18PW32 Simultaneous quantification of homocysteine, methionine, cysteine in human plasma using LC/MS/MS: a combination which may help to explain disorders

Ebo Didier
18PW22 In vitro allergy diagnosis: should we go with the flow?

Fathi Marc
17PW53 Screening in clinical toxicology and mass spectrometry

Garnotel Roselyne
18PW34 MS/MS neonatal screening for genetic and metabolic disorders

Genth Ekkehard
18PW51 New developments in diagnostics of rheumatoid arthritis

Grob Jean-Philippe
18PW44 Laboratoire d'hématologie de proximité?

Haferlach Torsten
19PL4 Diagnostics of Leukemia

Hächler Herbert
19PW13 Question: Bioterrorism and other Events involving Bio-Agents? Answer: The Regional Laboratory Network

Hug Markus
18PW41 POCT et médecine de premier recours

Janasek Dirk
18PL1 Microfluidics Technology for a Future Diagnostics

Kralovics Robert
17PW41 Genetic heterogeneity of myeloproliferative disorders

Küng Michaela
18PW61 Quality Control in Morphology and Hematology

Lohse Ansgar
18PW52 Autoimmune Hepatitis: Update on Diagnostic Procedures

Mann Ian
19PL2 Management and Accreditation in Europe

Mari Adriano
18PW23 How internet-based Allergen Platforms and Multiplex Allergy Testing improve our Knowledge on IgE-mediated Diseases

Matter Hans C.
19PW11 The Concept of the Regional Laboratory Network in Switzerland

McCarthy Mark
17PW21 Thinking big: finding novel genes influencing risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity

Merten Utz
19PW31 Harmonization of post-graduate education of medical doctors in laboratory medicine

Meyer Patrick

Müller Mathias M.
19PL3 Education in Laboratory Medicine

Müller Beat
19PL6 Early Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections

Nardelli Haefliger Denise
18PW12 Human Papilloma Virus : new possibilities for Testing/Vaccination

Nikolac Nora
19PW22 Genetic Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome

Pavan Antonio
19PW32 Integration of the Laboratory Medicine in the Academic Basic Training Programs

Pralong François
17PW13 Novel Approaches in the Assessement of Fertility

panzer simon
17PW43 Current Methods for the Clinical Evaluation of Platelet Function

Rabier Daniel
18PW31 Organic acids determinationby GC/MS

Rentsch Katharina
17PW52 The Role of Mass Spectrometry in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Riesen Walter
18PW42 Near Patient Testing: Die Sicht des Zentrallaboratoriums

Rigal Odile
18PW33 Quantification of small molecules in biological fluids using LC/MS/MS :application to metabolic diseases.

Robert Christian
17PW33 medical laboratories : cantonal conditions

Schütz Martin
19PW12 Maximum Containment Laboratory in Spiez: Facility for Special Pathogens

Solenthaler Max
17PW62 Rules for evaluation of Hematology blood films in the External Quality Control

Stoeckli Markus
17PW51 Value of MS Imaging to Biomedical

Topic Elizabeta
19PW23 Pharmacogenetic Approach in Metabolic Syndrome Therapy

Turk Natacha
19PL7 Brain damage biomarkers: from discovery to clinics

Viette Véronique
17PW54 Development of a multi-target screening analysis using LC-MS-MS as an alternative to the Remedi® method

Weitz Manfred
17PW31 Microbiology: Recognition, Reconnaissance, Reconoscimento

Wey Janine
18PW61 Quality Control in Morphology and Hematology

Zbinden Reinhard
17PW64 Quality needed for microbiology laboratories

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