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Abstracts Swiss MedLab 2008

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Alfirevic Zrinka
1721_B Impact of CYP 2C9 polymorphysm on warfarin dose during initial anticoagulation in patients with deep venous thrombosis

Amstutz Ursula
1916_B Hypermethylation of the dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase gene promoter region does not predict severe toxicity in 5-fluorouracil based chemotherapy

Amstutz Ursula
1729_B Old suspects and new culprits in 5-fluorouracil pharmacogenetics: Novel insights from a haplotype analysis of the dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase gene

Andres Hanspeter
1722_B Metrological Aspects of Chemical Activity Measurements

Ayaz Selime
1901_B The determination of nutritional status of patients with alzheimer type senile dementia

Ayaz Selime
1908_B Portal vein thrombosis in hepatocellular carcinoma: tumor related or a coagulation disorder or both

Blau Nenad
1817_C Diagnosis of tetrahydrobiopterin deficiency using filter paper blood spots: A 3 years experience

Boulat Olivier
1925_B Do methylmalonic (MMA) plasma, urine and CSF concentrations reflect MMA cerebral metabolism in MMA-CoA mutase deficient patients?

Braissant Olivier
1913_B Brain cells take up guanidinoacetate and convert it to creatine.

Brkljačić Vera
1711_A Rational use of multiparametric POCT analyzers

Brunner-Agten Saskia
1810_D Phenotypes of complex combinations of globin gene mutations in hemoglobinopathy patients: implications for genetic counselling

Brunner-Agten Saskia
1819_C Rapid and accurate alpha-thalassemia-screening using light cycler technology

Chiappe Alberto
1827_C Intraplatform Reproducibility and Technical Precision of Gene Expression Profiling in Four Laboratories Investigating 160 Leukemia samples: DACH Study

Decasper Seraina
1824_C Identification of novel protein biomarkers of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Di Mito Carmela
1914_B Retrospective comparison of Human Papilloma Virus detection in 42 HSIL samples, by using RNA-based NucliSENS EasyQ(TM) HPV Assay and DNA genotyping.

Dincer Yildiz
1703_A Evaluation of p53 and cytochrome c as indicators of apoptosis in serum of patients with type II diabetes and subjects with impaired glucose tolerance

Elewa Samia
1803_D Biochemical study of five cases of xanthomatosis

FILLEE Catherine
1904_B Analytical and clinical evaluation of the routine and intra-operative intact parathyroid hormone assay for Beckman Coulter Unicel® DxI 800

Fressl Juroš Gordana
1704_B Serum selenium reference values in Croatian

grandi giuseppe
1713_B The diagnostic value of Indirect Immunofluorescence (IFI) in human toxoplasmosis infections: study of 4346 tests.

Hahn Dagmar
1915_B Biochemical and molecular analysis in a patient compound heterozygous for p.A467T and a novel splice site mutation in POLG1

Hammerer-Lercher Angelika
1710_B Assay comparison between Kryptor and Roche estradiol

Hammerer-Lercher Angelika
1910_B Clinical value of a competitive NT-proBNP assay compared to the Roche NT-proBNP platform

Hendig Doris
1726_B Elevated serum concentrations of intercellular adhesion molecule ICAM-1 in pseudoxanthoma elasticum patients

Hergersberg Martin
1717_B Characterization of a 1.7 Mb X-chromosomal deletion in a patient with McLeod syndrome by array CGH

Hergersberg Martin
1723_B Real time quantitative RT-PCR with RNA from reticulocytes purified from peripheral blood of thalassemia patients

Hergersberg Martin
1920_B First results with a multiplex real-time PCR assay for detection of bacteria and fungi in blood

Herzum Ileana
1714_A Evaluation of the consolidated Beckman Coulter UniCel® DxC 880i analyser

Hof Danielle
1802_C Generation of recombinant antibodies to nitrotyrosine and chlorotyrosine to facilitate the identification of novel protein biomarkers for atherosclerosis

Hornemann Thorsten
1905_B The accumulation of two atypical sphingolipids cause hereditary sensory neuropathy type 1 (HSAN1)

Imeri Fatime
1909_B Thrombin generation capacity in thrombophilic pregnant women

Kamel Mahmoud
1709_B Atopic dermatitis, Laboratory assessment of disease activity before and after treatment

Karuna R.
1816_C Method development and bioanalysis of 27-hydroxycholesterol as candidate biomarker for atherosclerosis

Kern Ilse
1727_B Epigenetic biomarkers as diagnostic tools for human cancers: analytical and biological obstacles to their clinical application

1907_B Salivary Oxidative Stress and Periodontitis

Koch Karin
1718_B The engraftment in patients with autologous stem cell transplantation at the Kantonsspital Aarau

Kovac Gustav
1702_A Development, organisation and content of polyvalent medical biopathology in Slovakia

Largiadèr Carlo
1804_C Validation of the renin assay on the liaison automated analyzer

Laskaj Renata
1706_A Serum C-reactive protein and Total Antioxidant Status in Serum and Platelets of Patients with Community-acquired Pneumonia

Lorenzi Iris
1929_B ABCA1 and ABCG1 are specific Receptors for lipid-free ApoA-I and lipidated Lipoproteins, respectively

Mauron Yann
1828_C SmileMS; A new Mass Spectrometry Based Identification Platform for Small Molecules

Méndez Adriana
1825_C Automated Digital Cell Morphology: a new approach for microscopy in the daily routine of haematology

MIR Rashid
1813_C Clinical significance and prevalence of T315I mutation in Indian CML patients treated with Imatinib mesylate .

Morris Michael
1716_A Training on quality management to support genetic testing laboratories in continuous improvement and progress towards accreditation

Morris Michael
1728_A EuroGentest Medical Genetics Quality Assurance Database

Neukomm Oksana
1807_D Team climate

Penno Anke
1906_B SPTLC3 subunit of serine palmitoyltransferase is responsible for the generation of short chain sphingoid bases

Prante Christian
1705_B First pilot survey to implement an external quality control for CD4+ T cells in 11 developing countries from the African and Asian continent

Rebsamen Michela
1818_C The AmpliChip® CYP450 test: cytochrome P450 2D6 genotype assessment and phenotype prediction.

Regeniter Axel
1730_B Early recognition and follow-up of Dementia - Preliminary Results of the EAGLE Study

Risch Lorenz
1715_B Prevalence of Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Vitamin B12 Depletion: a Population Based Study in a Central European Country

Risch Lorenz
1725_A Prevalence of decreased glomerular filtration rate in patients seeking non-nephrological medical care

Risch Lorenz
1922_B Prevalence of Reduced estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) in the Anemic Elderly

Rohrer Lucia
1927_B Endothelial cells Transcytose Apolipoprotein A-I and High Density Lipoproteins

Rossier Michelle
1928_B Postgraduate training of laboratory specialists: experience and evaluation of a pilot e-training course on the Pre-analytical Phase

Saely Christoph
1720_B Decreasing Kidney Function Predicts Vascular Events Independently From the Glomerular Filtration Rate at Baseline

Saely Christoph
1724_B Key Role of Low HDL Cholesterol for the Association of the Metabolic Syndrome With Inflammation in Coronary Patients

Saely Christoph
1911_B Liver Enzymes, the Metabolic Syndrome, and Angiographically Determined Coronary Atherosclerosis

Saely Christoph
1917_B High Triglycerides, Low HDL Cholesterol, and Small LDL Particles Predict Incident Type 2 Diabetes in Non-Diabetic Coronary Patients

Saely Christoph
1919_B Type 2 Diabetes Significantly Modulates the Cardiovascular Risk Conferred by the PAI-1 -675 5G/4G Polymorphism in Angiographied Coronary Patients

Saetchnikov Vladimir
1822_C Mobile ehealth sensor for Non-invasive multi parameter diagnostics of blood biochemistry

Scholer André
1924_B Comparison of different methods for the detection of urine cannabinoids after intake of Cannabis sativa extracts

Scholer André
1912_B Methylphenidate as Cocain Substitute in Heroin Addicts

Schulzki Thomas
1903_B Influence of preanalytic on RBCs during storage

Schwarz Gerold
1826_C Rapid identification of clinical relevant bacterial isolates utilizing MALDI-TOF profiling – the MALDI Biotyper workflow.

Schweiger Anna Maria
1708_A Integrated System UniCel DxC 880i for Laboratory consolidation

Shaikh Sajadie Mohammad Reza
1701_A Antithrombin III as a criteria factor in liver diseases.

Simundic Ana-Maria
1806_C Analytical performance of Accu Chek Compact Plus blood glucometer

Spicher Doris
1811_C Basophil Activation Test and Allergy: Clinical Report

Srenger Vesna
1707_A Integration of point-of-care tests into laboratory information system

Steiner Carina
1815_C Development of an HPLC-MS method for the differentiated quantification of the 15 major human bile acids in serum

Stocker Silvie
1812_C DHPLC as a screening tool for human Fas-gene (TNFRSF6) mutations

Thony Beat
1712_B Tetrahydrobiopterin shows chaperone activity for tyrosine hydroxylase

Thony Beat
1719_B A new mouse model for BH4 deficiency generated by knocking-in a single codon exchange (R15C) in the BH4 biosynthetic gene 6-pyruvolytetrahydropterin s

Thony Beat
1921_B Birth of new exons in LINE-2 and in antisense AluSq by intronic mutations in the PTS gene leading to tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4)-cofactor deficiency

Thony Beat
1926_B Long-term correction of hyperphenylalaninemia in a mouse model for PKU by liver or intramuscular delivery of AAV expressing PAH with various serotypes

Tissières Lovey Lysiane
1801_C Performance evaluation of a new test for clostridium difficile on the VIDAS® instrument

Tissières Lovey Lysiane
1821_C Etude comparative pour la détection du norovirus dans les selles: Kit RIDASCREEN Norovirus ELISA, Kit AnDiaTec Norovirus RT-PCR, RT-PCR Norovirus

Troesch Renate
1918_B Epidemiological Typing of MRSA by Antibiogram Compared with Typing by Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE)

Troxler Heinz
1823_C Mass Spectrometry: A Tool for Enhanced Detection of Hemoglobin Variants

Vogrinc Željka
1805_C Adiponectin and leptin serum concentrations in dyslipidemic subjects with small dense LDL particles

Vollmer Tanja
1923_B Lipopolysaccharide binding protein – a novel biomarker for the diagnostic of infectious endocarditis?

von Rechenberg Beatrice
1809_C Study of the Isoforms of Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor by RFLP and Real-Time PCR

Waechter Vanessa
1820_C Transcriptional Control of the Lipoxin Receptor ALXR

Wermuth Bendicht
1902_B Evaluation of the Architect i2000SR for Single Platform Analysis of Cyclosporine, Tacrolimus and Sirolimus

Young Thomas
1814_D Transcriptional Regulation and Polymorphic Variants of the Chemokine-Like 1 Receptor

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