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Abstracts Swiss MedLab 2004

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Alani Behrang
7AP039 Noninvasive diagnosis of renal allograft rejection by measurement of ganzyme B in serum

Ani Mohsen
5AP008 Increased lipid peroxidation associated with titanium (Ti) exposure

Arab Hossein Ali
7AP027 Generation of hydroxyl radicals in chickens with ascites syndrome

Avci Aslihan
9AP016 Methotrexate causes oxidation in rat liver tissues

Avci Aslihan
9AP007 Cisplatin causes oxidation in rat liver tissues

Avci Aslihan
9AP005 Adenosine deaminase, xanthine oxidase acitivities and nucleotide levels in gastric tissues from patients with gastric cancer

Avci Zekai
9AP022 Oxidant/antioxudant status of plasma from malnourished patients: malnutrition as one of the causes of cancer

Barghash Nadia
9AP020 Osteoprotegerin and its ligand RANKL as novel bone markers

Barghash Nadia
9AP008 Correlative study between some angiogenic and apoptotic factors in acute leukemia

Beranek Martin
7AP045 Rapid Genotyping of Catechol-O-Methyltransferase Polymorphism Using Real-Time PCR with Fluorescent Hybridization Probes

Berger-Bächi Brigitte
6PL2 Factors and Mechanisms of Resistance

Bernasconi Luca
7AP044 Rapid and accurate molecular screening of Alpha and Beta-thalassemia non-deletional mutations by dHPLC

Blau Nenad
7AP031 Importance of CSF in the diagnosis of pediatric neurotransmitter diseases

Buettner Petra
8AP003 Effects of physical training are reflected in gene expression profiles in white blood cells

Burkard Ines
7AP006 Bile acid pattern – quantification of unconjugated , glycine- and taurine-conjugated bile acids

Burki Dieter
7AP003 Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA): is it time to put away the microscope?

7AP015 Computer assisted accreditation

Cepic Katarina
7AP011 Comparative analysis of the performances of Abbott ARCHITECT C8000 and Roche HITACHI 917 for 25 analytes in daily routine laboratory workflow

Cibulka Roman
7AP018 Deficit of L-carnitine in hemodialysis patients and a potential role of its supplementation

Coric Jozo
7AP016 C-reactive protein concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid during acute infectious meningitis

Corsi Massimiliano Marco
8AP002 Determination of telomere lenght by Flow-FISH in Down Syndrome patients

Derek Lovorka
7AP030 hsCRP – predictor of the developement of coronary disease in hemodialysed patients

Dragutinović Vesna
9AP024 Proteolytic activity of metalloproteases in the serum of the patients with gastric cancer

Durak İlker
9AP003 Activities of purine nucleotide turn-over enzymes in cancerous and non cancerous human colon tissues

Durak İlker
9AP011 Effects of some foods on adenosine deaminase activity in cancerous and non cancerous human bladder tissues

Dvorakova Jana
8AP007 Hyperhomocysteinaemia in secondary prevention of atherosclerotic disease - genetic, lifestyle and other factors

Elgun Serenay
9AP025 Serum And Pleural Fluid Adenosine Deaminase And Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (CD26) Activity In Lung Cancer

Elgun Serenay
9AP002 A Potential Role For Nitric Oxide Pathway In Lung Cancer Associated Pleural Effusion

Elgun Serenay
9AP006 Carboplatin reduces hepatic antioxidant potential and causes lipid peroxidation

Ermakova Tatjana
7AP062 Verification of mono/polyclonal hematopoesis in female-patients with cml and other HD-S

Escher Elisabeth
6AP003 Is the detection of intraleucocytic haemozoin helpful in screening blood for he presence of malaria?

8AP001 Decreased human serum paraoxonase activity in cerebrovascular stenosis

7AP025 External quality assessment of acid/base analysis in Croatia

7AP034 Introducing ISO standards for quality management in medico-biochemical laboratories in Croatia

7AP043 Quality specifications of IQ200 automated urine microscopy analyser and comparison with manual microscopy of supravitally stained specimens

Goehring John
7AP001 A laboratory information system for technical, quality and cost management.

Gruber Rudolf
7AP032 Influence of CD14 C159T oolymorphism on susceptibility and serological activity parameters of rheumatoid arthritis

Hasler Jörg
8AP005 Free testosterone (FT): Value of RIA-alternatives such as ELISA or nomogram

Hergersberg Martin
9AP014 Loss of heterozygosity of 1p and 19q in oligodendroglioma and oligoastrocytoma: marker for chemosensitivity and prognosis

Hergersberg Martin
7AP038 Molecular biological mutation analysis in a large population of thalassemia patients in Switzerland

Hergersberg Martin
8AP009 The gene encoding fibulin-1 (FBLN1): a candidate gene for early—onset high myopia with recessive inheritance

Hrabric Snjezana
7AP002 Anticardiolipin antibodies in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Hrabric Snjezana
9AP009 Cystatin in renal transplant recipients

Hruba Petra
7AP007 Blood flow changes in liver, skeletal muscle and kidney after partial hepatectomy, partial nephrectomy and after exposure to tetrachlormethane

Kardum Paro Mirjana Mariana
9AP012 Fine-needle aspiration of lymph nodes in the diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL) - an immunophenotyping approach

Kavutcu Mustafa
9AP018 Nitric oxide metabolism in cancerous and non-cancerous human colon tissues

Kazerouni Faranak
5AP012 The Fatty Acid Composition Of LDL Subtypes In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Khosrowbeygi Ali
7AP048 Seminal plasma levels of 15-F2t-isoprostane, malondialdehyde and total homocysteine in normozoospermic and asthenozoospermic males

Kljaic Ksenija
6AP002 Glutathione redox system and peptic disease

Konieczna Maria
5AP013 Tool for preliminary diagnosis of heart failure: TSH measured using two AutoDelfia kits: hTSH and hTSH Ultra - comparison of reference intervals

Kostousov Vadim
7AP051 Simultaneous Determination Of ADAMTS-13 and Its Inhibitors Using a Rapid Functional Assay to Expedite Diagnosis in TTP/HUS and Unexplained TMA

Kotaska Karel
5AP002 Brain natriuretic peptides - sensitive markers of myocardial dysfunction in various cardiovascular diseases

Lenicek Krleza Jasna
9AP030 Significance of measurment value of serum alpha-feto protein in child with germ cell tumor – case report

Li Min
6AP004 Proteomic analysis of the impact of accessory gene regulator (agr) system on the biofilm formation in Staphylococcus epidermidis

Lüthi Urs
7AP060 Use of telehematology in clinical practice

Lüthi Urs
7AP023 Evaluation of the preterm delivery risk by using fetal fibronectin rapid test

Mahjoub Soleiman
9AP021 Overexpression of p53 in benign and malignant breast lesions

Marte Thomas
7AP021 Effects of concentric and eccentric muscle exercise on lipid and glucose metabolism in healthy sedentary individuals

Marte Thomas
7AP050 Serum creatinine is a strong independent predictor of death and of vascular events in patients undergoing coronary angiography

Marte Thomas
7AP058 The metabolic syndrome is gradually and independently predictive for vascular events in patients undergoing coronary angiography

Marte Thomas
7AP033 Insulin resistance is an independent predictor of vascular events in diabetic patients with coronary disease

Marte Thomas
7AP056 The atherogenicity of the various stigmata of diabetic dyslipidemia

Marte Thomas
7AP017 CRP, fibrinogen, and white blood cell counts in patients with stable coronary artery disease and impaired glucose tolerance

Marti Ulrich
7AP013 Comparison of the automated electrophoresis Paragon CZE 2000 (Beckman) and the Capillarys (Sebia) instruments regarding the resolution of paraproteins

Marti Ulrich
7AP022 Evaluation of four different methods for HbA1c determination

Mayer Ljiljana
5AP010 Plasma BNP concentrations in patients on hemodialysis

Meier Christian
9AP033 The Role of different Isoforms of PI3Ks in Small Cell Lung Cancer

Minder Elisabeth
7AP040 Performance evaluation of the Urisys® 1800 urine analyzer

Miszti-Blasius Kornél
7AP061 Variable protection from thrombotic stimuli in p selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 deficiency

Mittel Koraljka
5AP005 Evaluation of Innotrac Aio! CK-MB Mass

Monney Laurent
7AP028 GuideMedix: an execution engine for computer-based clinical laboratory guidelines

Moshtaghie Ali Asghar
9AP031 Study of the binding of ti to human transferrin and effect on iron metabolism

Mosig Sandy
7AP053 Standardisation of Preanalytic Procedures in Microarray Analyses

Muser Jürgen
5AP014 Verification of a HPLC-Homocysteine Method compared to two Immunoassays, according to our Accreditation Procedure.

Nydegger Urs
6AP005 Histo-blood Group Antigens as Allo- & Autoantigens

Obuljen Jasna
9AP026 Serum erythropoietin level in children with solid tumors

Ottiger Cornelia
7AP054 Superior sensitivity of protein profile analysis over traditional urinalysis for detection of renal diseases.

Ottiger Cornelia
7AP035 Low prevalence of anti-annexin V and anti-prothrombin antibodies in a collective of thrombophilic patients

Pantović Radojka
7AP052 Spinal cord injury in rabbits: the influence of ethanol on the free fatty acid level – determination by gas chromatography

Peters Georg
6PL3 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Petres Blanka
7AP014 Comparison of two methods and results for protein determination in cerebrospinal fluid in infectious diseases of the central nervous system

Petrovic Jovana
9AP028 Serum sialic acid (nana) and epithelial ovary carcinoma

Podolar Sonja
9AP004 Activity of granulocyte alkaline phosphatase in chronic myeloid leukemia patients treated with Glivec

Prezelj Marija
9AP032 Superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase in MDS patient

Printzen Gert
5AP006 In vitro stability of natriuretic peptides

Printzen Gert
5AP009 Interferences between blood substitutes and the determination of cardiac troponin I ?

Rentsch Katharina
7AP019 Determination of pravastatin and simvastatin by HPLC tandem mass spectrometry

Risch Lorenz
7AP010 Clinical and laboratory diagnosis of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) in children

Risch Lorenz
7AP046 Rapid, Accurate and Non-Invasive Detection of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leakage Using Determination of Beta-Trace Protein

Risch Lorenz
7AP049 Serum beta-trace protein as a non-invasive marker of renal function

Röthlisberger Benno
7AP008 Case report: Partial trisomy (12)(q24.2->qter) due to a paternal t(4;12)(q35;q24.1)

Röthlisberger Benno
9AP010 Diagnosis and disease follow-up in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) using quantitative real-time RT-PCR (RQ-PCR) of fusion transcripts

Röthlisberger Benno
9AP001 A chromosomal translocation t(3;8)(q26;q24) in acute myeloid leukemia resulting in overexpression of EVI1

Ruljančić Nedjeljka
7AP037 Magnesium in patients with bipolar disorder

Rumenjak Vlatko
5AP001 Assessment of serum albumin cobalt binding assay in patients suspected suffer from acute myocyrdial infarction

Rumenjak Vlatko
7AP057 The biochemical markers of bone turnover in renal patients undergoing the chronic dialysis

Rumenjak Vlatko
7AP041 Procalcitonin (PCT) in diagnosing of severe systemic bacterial infection

Rüegg Christian
8AP004 Efficient and economical enzyme replacement therapy in Gaucher disease (type 1): using 50% of standard regiment

Salgó László
9AP027 Serum IGG subclass concentrations in healthy and diseased individuals

Sapunar Ada
8AP006 Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency among the population of Komiza on the island of Vis

Savoca Reto
7AP004 Assessment of proteinuria in renal transplant patients: 24h or second morning urine ?

Savoca Reto
5AP011 Side by side evaluation of three fully automated BNP/pro-NT-BNP assays

Schmid Hans-Rudolf
7AP042 Prothrombin Time / INR determination based on capillary blood methods. Is there a difference between Coaguchek Pro and S?

Sebesta Ivan
7AP020 Diagnostic guideline for hypouricemia

Shen Lisong
9AP029 Significance of ICAM-1 expression in patients with gastric carcinoma

Stachon Axel
9AP013 Improvement of the abbreviated burn severity index by the detection of erythroblasts in blood

Stachon Axel
7AP029 High in-hospital mortality of intensive care patients with nucleated red blood cells in blood

Stankovic Sanja
9AP015 MEGX and GEC tests in pre-operative assessment of liver functional capacity in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Staub Peter
7AP063 Young woman with portal vein thrombosis and Proteus syndrome

Stefanovic Mario
9AP019 Novel SSCP method for molecular diagnostics of Thiopurine S-methyltrasferase (TPMT) deficiency

Surina Branka
7AP009 Cholinesterase Unit: the importance of identification of carriers of inhertited serum butyrylcholinesterase variants

Surina Branka
5AP004 Evaluation of cut-off values of cardiac troponin I in patients with acute coronary syndromes

Taborsky Ludek
6AP001 CSF cytological findings in Cryptococcus meningitis

Taborsky Ludek
9AP023 Primary intraocular lymphomas

Tadijanovic Milena
5AP003 C-reactive protein serum levels in patients on long-term hemodialysis

Tamaro Giorgio
5AP007 Incidence of glycation of apolipoprotein B-100 and lipoprotein (a) in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus children

Thöny Beat
7AP055 Tetrahydrobiopterin is a protective cofactor with chaperon-like activity for phenylalanine hydroxylase

Thöny Beat
7AP026 Gene therapeutic approaches for phenylketonuria in a mouse model by recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vector-mediated gene transfer

Trummler Michael
7AP036 Macroprolactin: analytical and clinical Impact

Turay Jozef
7AP024 External quality assessment for clinical biochemistry in Slovakia .- Survey 2003

Turner Dunja
7AP012 Comparative study of the urine sediment analysis with IQ200 automated analysis and ordinary manual microscopy

Urbinelli Ruth
7AP005 Benefit of implementation of a Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) in a large laboratory – after 24 month

Vasei Mohammad
7AP059 Urinary spot 5-hydroxy indole acetic acid as a diagnostic test for appendicitis

Vianey-Saban Christine
5PL2 Metabolic causes of cardiac insufficiency

Vodickova Martina
7AP047 Remote control of POCT analyzers

Wenzel Friedel
9AP017 Molecularcytogenetic diagnosis (Interphase FISH) in CLL-patients

Wittwer Jonas
8AP010 The transcription factor PU.1 Increases 15-Lipoxygenase Transcription in an Allele-specific Manner in Macrophages

Zivkovic Marcela
8AP008 The effect of extracorporeal circulation on plasminogen and D-dimers dynamics during myocardial revascularization

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